Mastiha, or mastic, a crystal, resinous spice and natural chewing gum  from Chios.

Mastiha is basically resin from the mastiha trees from the island of Chios and appears in drops.

While these mastiha trees may grow in other areas in the Mediterranean and produce resin, only the Chios trees produce the mastiha “tears” that have the characteristic aroma, taste and health benefits.

Mastiha from Chios also is a P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin) product, which means that its name (and reputation) is protected and only mastiha from Chios can carry this name. It is also distilled to make mastiha-flavoured liqueurs and spirits.

It is highly aromatic and therapeutic — excellent and scientifically proven as a salve against stomach ulcers, effective as a gum in promoting oral health.