Extra Virgin Olive OilBest Quality Olives

Harvest Gold  Extra Virgin Olive Oil is of superior quality. It is  an oil produced from olives of Koroneiki variety with fruity flavor, rich aroma and low acidity level. Olives  are collected  from Peloponnese. The cultivation is done without the use of pesticides or other chemicals.

Harvesting Period

Harvesting is done by hand and the olive fruit is placed in open baskets that allow the fruit to “breathe”. It starts in mid-October, when the fruit is still Green, resulting in olive oil of high quality, retaining its unique properties and flavor.

Oil Production

The fruit is then cold pressed at 27°C, the latest one day after its harvest, solely with mechanical methods, according to the EU Legislation.

Storage and bottling

The oil is stored in appropriate stainless steel tanks to ensure its freshness and avoid oxidation. Bottled in untransparent containers, which protect the oil from light, and in which it can be preserved for a longer period of time (18 months).


It has a nice green color and special fruity flavor which leaves a light burn and soft aftertaste. The Harvest gold extra virgin olive oil has acidity less than 0,6.

Our guarantees

We guarantee that our product is 100% Greek extra virgin olive oil. We have respected nature and the authenticity of Greek tradition of olive oil production, for hundreds of years.

According to laboratory analysis, it satisfies the criteria of European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) where written health claims.

Each shipment is accompanied with a full laboratory analysis.