About us

We are a World  trading company driven by passion for excellence committed to deliver unique products and extraordinary specialty foods. Our ambition is to introduce top quality food delicacies from Mediterranean area and bring the authentic Greek taste to the family table around the world.

All of our products are carefully selected from various areas of Greece with unique attributes and taste flavor and  are processed with the same old traditional recipes in way that fulfill the requirements of the most demanding customers around the globe.

Our product range includes among others, white caviar  the Gastronomic Jewel of Greece, the famous Grey Mullet Bottarga Known in Greece as Avgotaraho, Extra virgin top quality olive oil, various types of extra quality Greek olives, home made spoon sweet preserves, homemade  jams and marmalades, sauces and spreads, marinated sardine, anchovy, octopus filets, extra quality tarama and Mediterranean Escargots, a high gastronomic value product with special quality characteristics. Additionally we include the Greek super food, Mastiha, or mastic, a crystal, resinous spice and natural chewing gum from Chios.

Our suppliers are fully certified; maintain top quality standards and all our products are fully sustainable.

We constantly strive to provide the highest level of services and excellent products with distinctive taste and unique characteristics to our customers.

Company quality, Mission and values


Our aim is to market products of high quality and nutritional value completely natural, without any artificial supplements or preservations exceed our consumers and clients expectations and become a respectful global player. We try to enforce the promotion of a universal network of ambassadors sharing knowledge of the Mediterranean food & and high quality of Greek products.

Our Values


We are dedicated to high quality standards in every aspect of our business. To be successful to this end we invest in best practices, we carefully select our business partners and suppliers and we invest in our people and innovation. All production and Processing facilities used are fully certified. We can document our quality for every product that is delivered.


We try to be the best in the business. Always be creative and innovative. We approach everting we do in new ways.


We strongly encourage our partners to use environmental sensitive methods to preserve the natural environment and the wild life. We have respected nature and the authenticity of Greek tradition regarding the production of various products, for hundreds of years.


We treat both our customers and our people and our community with honesty, respect, and integrity. We deliver what we promise, and only promise what we can deliver.